Goosebumps galore

Pinoys are deemed a country of very talented people God ever created. From Charice Pempengco and Arnel Pineda, now here comes Jovit Baldivino of Pipilinas Got Talent.
Here's a clip of his performance during the semi-finals.

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Tonic - If You Could Only See

This song keeps on playing in my mind...

My current favorite: Ash Stymest

Thinking of getting another tat.

It must be the sea

There is really something in me that sync with the sea. If for the instance that I never knew my true parents are, I would really think that Poseidon puked me out fresh from the salty water. During the conception of my mother to prepare me in coming out in this weird world, I was never associated with water or any liquid at all. But it is really interesting where I got this love of sea when in fact both my mom and dad never ever talked about if some time in their entire lives, they love the waters. Drinking water excluded of course.

When I was young and full of decaying tooth, Mr. Jerry, my father decided to bring home an aquarium made of leftover glass from a friend. The glass is so thick that sometimes you will need to use your third eye just to see through the glass even if we just cleaned it days ago. Nevertheless, the new found obsession from paps was a breath of fresh air compared to our pets: lassie the dog and Sharon the cat.

Mr. Jerry also bought a couple of fish to compliment with the little world he created on those four glass walls. You know, people have a weird tendency to name those speechless animals like a real human. He bought 4 of those gold fishes and a janitor fish, which names I already forgotten long ago. I used to stay beside the aquarium watching them doing their own businesses while wondering how on this world that God created organisms so much different from one another. And on some occasion, I would wish to be like them; no not the janitor fish that is so lazy and only spend the day eating moss and dirt, but those gold fish that are swimming carelessly. They tend not to care with the world, the only obligation they have in mind is to catch algae, plankton or whatever they can stuff on their mouth to eat. I realized, those fishes will enjoy more if they are on their natural habitats. And that is the sea.

That might be the reason why even at the young age I already fell in love with the water. From then on, I love myself being called hydrophilic. I love the sound of it. Its makes me smile, and it always makes me remember my love for the sea.

I can live without seeing any buildings for a month, but you cannot let me live for a year without letting me have a glimpse of the sea. They are the extension of my soul and the fortress of my solemnity. My sweetest escape from the harsh reality of urban living.

Credits to: toma_album

Separate ways

One major drawback in getting used to something is the difficulty of letting go of it in the end. The more you spend time into something, the more pain you have to gain when in time it will ask you not to hold on to it anymore. I always despite letting go, just in time when all the memories you have with that something/someone are purely bliss. And at one blink of an eye, you’re starting to move on and learning that you can’t have them permanently. Just heartrending.

Sad news broke the laughter on the floor last week. The management finally decided to let go of the employees they deemed not beneficiary to the account anymore. As a usual reaction to such input, I was first shocked and as the days goes by, I became so depress I wouldn’t want to come to the office anymore. I would ask my boss if I could only render half-day at the office and go home instead Sadly, she would not let me.

It would have been 3 years already of having the same people in the team if this decision did not push through. You know, they are the same people I sit with during trainings, had fun conversation while on lunch and the very same faces I am with during drinking sprees. But I guess life has its own momentum of saying goodbye. And as for us, it is now.

I just want you to know guys (even if you don’t know I’m blogging), it was always been a pleasure to work with some wacky employees. You are all the perfect representation of fun at work. I will always remember you guys, God bless us all to our own separate endeavors. See you all at the cross road.

Day Dreaming

When I get old, I wish to put my home near the shore with my porch facing the beach.I will sit on my chair every morning with my coffee beside me as I watch the waves gently touching the sand as if they miss each other all the time. The hopeful rays of the sun will welcome me as I feel them caressing my face with love, my heart will gently smile with the nature all around me acting in accordance to its beauty. I wish to be on that time already, while I currently stare at my computer doing my job as an agent.

Daydreaming has been my past time every time God will pity me and give me minutes of avail while waiting for another call from the people who does not even know where the power button of their device is. Sometimes, it customers are kind enough, they will take advantage of you and make you a talking manual like they doesn't even care if you are running out of saliva or not. I wish tech gadgets now a day has a warning sign at the box to inform idiots not to use them if their IQ's are below sea level.

I'm tired thinking of my future, especially now that almost what I have planned before was never achieved nor near the desired results. I always fail whenever achievements or status in life is the subject. One time during my shift, I talked to a very angry customer. He is so angry that if only I'm near to him, he might have chopped my head off without even giving me a chance to speak my opening spiel. That's so rude you know. And me, being the tried and tested irate agent of all times, wonder why I did not fight back.

He became calmed and open during rest of the call to me. Why? The reason is this. Sometimes, you don't need to be angry to fight back another angry soul. It will just heat up the conversation and eventually will end up both exhausted and toxic. There is one saying which I really do sorry about not pasting the author at the back of my mind that goes like this, "kill them with kindness". It works, but will not all the time. There are some instances that they will take advantage of this tactic.

Anyway, he asked me about my age and where I am located. We talked about his retirement and his plans after that. He told me that he wants to go to Australia, and the first thing that came into my mind is the Kangaroos. Sounds silly, but I guess it's a boring stuff to do watching the kangaroos jumping while seeing the babies pop out of their pouches. There we are, while waiting for the device to finally work out, two men on opposite poles and ages, talking about life to its fullest. He told me stories about the river, his family, the president and all the things in America which until now, I find it impossible if ever I can step into that land.

At the end of the talk, I was surprised that he gave me a farewell message. It was too special for me, thinking that he crafted those words to form a sentence and give it to me as a present. He imparted that, I am still young for the age of 24. There are so many things, opportunities and adventures that might come along the way.Just be patient, and enjoy each day because we can never turn back what were happened on that day. He told me that, sooner or later I can travel the world just like him. Not only Australia but the rest of the world.

I ended the call with a pleasant smile, though unseen but still obvious on my words and tone. Silently, I told myself..someday...someday.


I always make sure that I pamper myself from time to time whenever I have the resources. Last month was my birthday but too bad I did not have enough money to throw a party with my friends. I still have my bros and sisters who are in college that I need to cater, so I decided not to have a party anymore.

However, there are so many things I am thankful of even if the birthday boy doesn’t have any party at all. My friend Tony visited me and flew directly from Boracay all the way to Cebu just to cheer me up on my big day. He also gave me a Globe Tatoo mobile broadband as a gift which I am currently using for blogging. Thanks, thanks so much for this.

Also, as a gift to myself, I bought my first luxury fragrance which I don’t usually do. This is a complete box set of perfume from Hugo boss XY. The package comes with a shower gel and an after shave which I really really love to wear during dates and parties. He he he. The smell is even good when blended by sweat. Or is it just me? Im a long fan of Coolwater but I guess I made a right decision by shifting to Hugo for the meantime. Dont get me wrong, I still love coolwater.

I also bought myself a grey v-neck shirt from Refill. I don’t know why, maybe its because Hugo boss XY also comes with grey packaging? I love those embroidered logos on it. Sort of medals attached on it, just so good for a good boy like me. Ha ha ha. So what do you think? Simple eh?

Liquid Caffeine

Training officially started last monday for my new account. Not that I really love my old account, but I can't really help to differentiate between my old and new job. New people to meet and a same old brand new environment to adapt. The new account is very nosebleeding and a lot of processed to memorize.

Since the shift is already at night, I have been dealing hardly with sleepiness all the time. For the past three years here in the company, my duty is in the mid morning but had enough time to go on party at night. Now that the shift is new, then I guess I just need to accept the fact that I'm starting to live a no life already.

Great part of our body is composed of liquid. Mine? It's not really that amazing if caffeine has been my blood eversince I worked in a call center industry. For most of us here working, coffee and carbonated drinks have been our favorite drugs to keep us alive and awake.

I'm not really a coffe drinker until such time that you should drink it because you need it not because you just want it. I always tell my mom to stop drinking coffe since I read a lot of references and most of the time read about the bad connotation of drinking coffee. But my Mom would only reply, "I feel weak when I can't drink one".

Sun comes up just a few minutes. Maybe I should sleep now.

Marcus and delilah

Im tired and I feel like crying. I've got lots of mixed emotions right now and I really want to puke them out of my system. Never been this sober enough, enough to feel that I am starting to feel pain. And that mean that I am still alive. Capable of hurt and bliss.

I've been drinking a lot these past few days with no apparent reasons at all. The blood that is pumping all over my body is already composed of alcohol which somehow let me escaped from the moment of torment, our at least prolonging the agony.

My life is stirring not into the proper direction but in the avenue that I never should be in the first place. I put on my mask, a beautiful mask enough to be flamboyant in this game of masquerade, which in the end I won. But in the end of the party, it is me who feels empty, drained, lonely and used.

I really feel sorry for myself now. I screwed everything and even blew up all the people around me. I really don’t know myself, as what my best friend told me before. Nothing is right for me right now, and I am asking myself if all of these were really meant to happen.

Why can’t we just love someone and stay like that forever? Why do we feel change of hearts from time to time? Why can’t someone I love can never love me in return? Why do I keep on hurting the people who love me as if I never cared for their feelings? Why do I hate myself of having this life?

I want to drink again tonight. Drown myself in the abyss of darkness where all I can feel is me. Myself and its emptiness, I want to feel my cold heart pumping. Be sorry for all the people I hurt.

I’m wishing that somewhere along my silence, there will be someone who can tell me, “Come out. Its over”.


I wanna shout to the world how b*tchy this life can be soetimes. On how lousy the people around me and how sick their lives that it made me puke.I have been too nice up to now, and I think it must be time to show how ass kicker I am.

I ran out of money, I don't know why but I am not really a pro when it comes to budgeting. My mom is, and actually a tyrant if we are talking about money and I did not even got .01 percent of her personality. I guess overspending always comes with the happy go lucky persona that I have.

I asked my used to be "best friend" via yahoo chat if he can lend me a thousand bucks to pay my long overdue credit to my office mate. I was hoping for some death threats already from her since I am already two months delayed and she might be thinking I'm running away from her. Thank goodness that never happened cos I might be in the street now covered with a bandera news paper drowned in blood.

OK. That's gore and way beyond imagining.

What pissed me off is that he told me he has the money but cannot do so since he is busy in the office. Will it hurt to go out and deposit the money for less than half an hour? I even laid all the options how he can send me the money, but still refused for the love of his office and choose to let his friend suffer. I think it must be the new definition of friendship now from my dear ol' webster. Would it be easier and less hurtful if he'd only slapped me in the face with the word NO?

I even pleaded I can wait till Sunday, and I guess he already has an ample time by the weekend for my request. But again, I received a negative reply.

Sometimes, we should learn to say no to something if we really intend to say no. Come on, whats the use of fabricating your answer when all of it will end up to refusal? I guess it is also a wake up call that, in due time you will know who your true friends are, when one of you has fallen. Some of them will turn their back on you, but their will always be someone who doesn't mind to fall too, just to see you get back on your two feet again.

Now I know.





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